It’s the end of yet another year! As we unwind 2013 and ease slowly into 2014, it sparks my interest to reflect back on the achievements occurred during the span of this past year. Definitely an interesting 365 days to say the very least. Like a roller coaster, a multitude of ups and downs that quite frankly have attributed to perhaps some of the most fruitful business opportunities I’ve seen to date. When I look back on 2013 I’d like to consider it as a year of success. An adventure that has contributed to increased business potential but most importantly, establishment of new relationships.

The breakdown of activity throughout the year in chronological order is as follows:

Spring 2013 – Work from Home Opportunity

Even though the year took off on a rather slow pace, things picked up right around the end of Q1 and upon launch of Q2. For the first time in my career, now I was working in the comfort of my own home. Scratch the extreme monthly gas bills and torturous traffic nightmares to deal with on daily basis. Nothing else like zeroing in on work while in your jammies.

Summer 2013 – Travel Time

Summers tend to be full of outdoor activity, travel, vacations, and those sort of things. Even though I did not travel to any marvelous places in the U.S., we did end up frequenting for a visit to extended family in the Land of Lincoln. Something that we tend to do more often these days. Additionally, a short trip to Iowa took place for a wedding we were invited to from my other side of the family. While in that area we had the opportunity to visit the Field of Dreams Movie Site. For baseball fans it’s considered to be heaven on Earth.

The summer wrapped up with the purchase of a new vehicle. Proud to state that I’m a new owner of an Audi Q7 V8 4.7L Quattro. After the purchase of my previous car which was an A4, it seems like I’ve been attached to Audis indefinitely. Something about these cars that draws my attention. Comfort, reliability, luxury, and of course unprecedented winter weather handling.

Falls 2013 – In Richer & Poorer…

Yup, that’s right! After 3 1/2 years of dating, I finally popped the question to my long-time girlfriend. Luckily for me, she gladly accepted the proposal and next thing you know, we’re getting hitched. Not a bad way to kick off the Fall. After our wedlock ceremony in November we headed off to warmer climates. We’re capable of withstanding the midwest only for so long. It was a rather pleasant and weather-compliant stay in Gulf Shores, AL for us. One of our favorite places might I add. Even though the sun wasn’t shining vigorously, we did end up catching a few rays, walks on the beach, and of course, plenty of sea food eating.

Winter 3013 – New Endeavors

The upcoming year is definitely amping up to be one of the busiest yet with quite a few things on the agenda. Starting January 2014 I’ll be launching my Digital Marketing Revolution Podcast on iTunes that i’m absolutely ecstatic about. A landing page is still in the works but hopefully won’t take up too much time before it surfaces itself on the web. Aside from that, there’s a few other projects I’ve been secretly working on that are sure to be an innovative approach to the digital marketing industry. Details on those will be announced soon.

So, looking back at 2013, what are you appreciative of in your personal or business life?

Happy New Year 2014 to everyone!