Lead Generation

There are plenty of websites on the web today that still do not utilize their true potential.  Something that most companies are currently struggling with as well.  It’s important to consider and evaluate how to generate leads from your website.  After all why have one if it’s not properly optimized or does not engage with your audience.  Generating leads from your website can be a difficult process to accomplish although one that should be at the top of your list.

Generating Leads from Your Website

It’s a combination of several things that need to come together when it comes to generating leads from your website. Your approach should consist of interactive marketing strategies.  This can include but not limited to a combination of a properly built website, search engine optimization, content, and social media sharing options.  There are various ways to tackle this task and it really all comes down to which one produces results that turn into leads.

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  1. Website Platform – in many cases most businesses will choose a content management system to build their website on due to the time and cost involved in building your own custom solution.  There are many great content management systems available for free or to purchase which will provide the flexibility and functionality that’s needed to engage with your audience.  A couple that shown proven success are Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal from the open source arena.  Check out Top 3 reasons to use an open source solution cms for your website to find out more information on how open source solutions can help provide functionality and flexibility when building your website.
  2. Content – providing enough information about your products or services is perhaps one of the most crucial things for your website.  Ensure that your visitors become acquainted with your product or service and truly show them the value behind each.  Each individual static page of your website should be content rich and optimized for visibility by the search engine robots.  If you’re new to search engine optimization services then find a marketing company that can handle such services.
  3. Social Media Integration – join the social media revolution by offering content sharing capabilities on your website.  It will help with spreading your content to social media channels for those that find it relevant or interesting.  In addition to this you can create more exposure for your products or services by introducing them to another audience.  Some common social media channel integrations consist of Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIN.
  4. Conversion Behavior – perhaps one of the most common issues that most website owners.  The lack of a conversion behavior to help funnel in your potential prospects.  The most common conversion architecture that’s implemented into a website consist of a contact form.  That’s correct!  You want to give your visitors the option to inquire about products or services that you’re selling.  For SEO reasons it looks good for your website domain in terms of Page Rank.
  5. Competition – research your competitors and steer clear of their tactics and strategies.  There’s a reason why you do what they do better and maybe even cheaper with more pride and quality.  Gain an edge on your competition by becoming acquainted with their products and services so that you can tailor yours to serve new clients better.  Identify key areas that you can improve in so you don’t look like your competitors.
  6. Keyword Research – this particular area going hand in hand with your Search Engine Optimizaton strategies and tactics.  Although for the most part you need to identify the types of terms or phrases you’d like to get visibility on.  Over 80% of internet users use the Google search engine to find products, services, and comparison shop and you need to ensure that your web pages are indexed.
  7. Navigation – one of the most disturbing things you will find on websites are cluttered navigations.  It’s important that your visitors are able to clearly identify your products and services with 1 or 2 clicks from point of entry.  Don’t make them hunt for things.  Make it easy to navigate thru and access your key areas.
  8. Blog – blogging has become a trend at this point and those that do not see the value in it will lose…big!  Having a blog to any website ensures content richness and consistent flow of new information that you can provide to your audience.  Whether it’s discussing products, services, events, or success stories your readers will appreciate the personal touch.  Well maybe not so personal really depending on your approach but for the most part from a Search Engine Optimization standpoint.

Optimizing Your Website for Lead Generation

That’s a great question to ask!  There are several elements that need to come into play effectively in order to make your website work for you.  Generating leads from your website does not pertain to just automation of content to social media or keyword positioning.  It entails in nurturing, maintenance, and ongoing optimization to help set you apart from your competitors and engage better with your audience.