Finding your own groove takes some time. Whether it’s in personal life or business, we all struggle in finding that sweet spot. Personally, a counterbalance between work and life has been a bit of a challenge for me during recent years. In the last several months particularly I’ve taken a huge leap into a whole new different direction in life. After nearly 14 years of little to no physical activity, healthy eating, & fitness I joined a personal training studio and hopped on a road bike. Call it an act of epiphany.

Hopping on my road bike several times a week provides a certain level of mind peace. It helps me rationalize better certain past situations and also sparks unique perspective into future endeavors. On a recent outing I encountered a rather unique instance that truly puzzled me to an extent. As usual, upon arrival at the commuter lot I was anxious to suit up and get on the road. Quite the intriguing feeling in actuality. So here’s me strolling along on the bike route and coming around bend at a rather speedy pace. Something about sharp corners that puts a rush into me. Upon exit out of a sharp right bend and into the Katy Trail nearing Creve Coeur Lake I spotted a gentleman coming about in the opposite direction. After nearing closer as passing thru I noticed that he was on a racing tricycle. Suited up with a helmet, racing jersey, gloves, the whole nine yards. As I passed by him it came to my attention that he appeared to be a paraplegic.

A Ride Into Success – Regardless of Obstacles Along the Way

The lower body of this gentleman was nested into a special seat. From what it appeared so perhaps a partial amputation also took place around the thighs area and closer to upper body section. Pedals of the tricycle were installed in the handlebar area where he was fiercely pushing forward with both arms. Those few seconds of close encounter truly sparked sentiment in my mind…and a deeper level of appreciation. Here is someone that was dealt an unjust card in the game of life. After all, luck strikes with some while others get the short end of the stick. Instead of wallowing in sorrows and misery due to physical disability, he decided to push forward in pursuing things that made him happy and healthy. Studies show that individuals suffering with physical disabilities tend to fall into a dark state of mentality at some point or another. Feelings hopelessness, instability, dissatisfaction, anger are quite common among individuals with life altering physical condition.

Finding Your Own Path to Success & Rejoice in Victory

Misery and anger can settle in rather quickly. Particularly for a paraplegic battling his way thru the obstacles life tosses his way. But instead, putting the mind at ease and setting out to fulfill dreams was exactly what this gentleman did. Regardless of his physical state he continued to fiercely pedal away down the bike route while along the way passing by other runners and cyclists. He has found his own groove even while struggling with physical challenges. Something that made him happy, kept healthy, and an activity that provides a sense of rejuvenation each time he encounters such experience.

Today’s competitive market landscape throws curveballs at every business owner. Regardless of challenges in the past or ahead it’s important to find your own rhythm. A steady pulse that will help push forward your brand as a whole. The competition is fierce and will continue to present a challenge for you. However if you find a sense of uniqueness and clear distinction that separates you from the competition you will too rejoice in victory.

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