Kindness and gratitude goes a long way. It entices people in giving them a clear indication of being appreciated. As humans, we like recognition. It’s in our nature! The reward of being recognized through giving makes us feel appreciated. The very same mentality is applicable in the business world. That approach is referred to as Human-2-Human (H2H) business. Something that I briefly talked about in a previous blog post.

Giving vs. Taking

My wife’s immediately family lives in Central Illinois. So, we tend to frequent the Land of Lincoln quite a bit. Usually about once a month to visit. I must say that in some retrospect of things it is actually a quite refreshing to venture out into new territory for a slight change of scenery. Her grandparents are in their 70’s and definitely incapable of performing certain tasks. For a youngsta like wife and I who are in their mid 30’s, those average daily tasks are a piece of cake. Unlike her grandparents who struggle with some of those daily tasks due to their physical inability. One of the unfortunate parts about aging and circle of life.

When visiting with them wife and I try to lend a hand where possible. Whether it’s washing the dishes, filling up their car with gas, moving stuff around the barn, cleaning the house, or really anything else that would be otherwise challenging for them to handle on their own. One of the things more specifically that wife and I became notorious about is paying for lunch or dinners. Why? Retired individuals are on a limited income. Even they have expenses to cover and unfortunately their income does not stretch that far. Therefore in majority of occasions I would extend gratitude and pick-up the lunch or dinner check. I have a tendency of showing such gratitude especially if there is available disposable income. I am unable to repeat such behavior every single time but do so whenever the opportunity arises.

Between the kindness, giving, and good gestures it got to the point where wife’s grandparents would not let me pay as often. In the midst of everything they have been extremely grateful by saying ‘Thank You’ every time I offered such gesture. For me, it was all about coming through from a monetary sense or merely helping them out in any way I could.

Give with No Expectations in Return

Giving vs. Taking in the Modern Digital Business World

When I started out in digital marketing now nearly a decade ago the mentality was completely different. Of course this was in the early days when digital marketing was really still in its infancy stage. Anyone from marketers to brand were in high search for figuring out what this digital marketing thing would shape into. But most importantly cracking the monetary aspect of it on how each could capitalize upon it.

I definitely consider myself fortunate in having the ability to acquire such competitive knowledge. Over the years I realized how this knowledge could be used to empower other digital marketers or brands to succeed. Anything from sharing SEO & SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Development tips, and general digital marketing consultation. Empowering marketers and businesses by sharing industry-specific information to them in hope for assisting with their growth potential.

There are no expectations! Don’t get me wrong, we all need to make a living somehow. However, it’s precisely why I provide my clients a complimentary 1-hour digital marketing consultation before any time of engagement or expectations in return.

Determining the right fit in working with certain clients is of utmost importance to me. I understand that not all are a good fit and that is completely OK. If you value Strategy, Implementation, and Execution in business then I’d love to talk to you