Last year was literally a giant roller coaster ride. So much happened in such little time that I practically got dizzy. Reflecting back on the year though and acknowledging all the highs and lows really made me think about one thing. I wouldn’t change a single detail about this past year, not a tiny bit, nada. Everything happened for a reason. A reason that I think I’m slowly beginning to understand.

Let me share this journey with you so you can too leverage your strengths to become successful, happy, and feel good about yourself. I truly believe that everyone is capable of maximizing their potential.

Beginning of the Year – In the Slump

The beginning of 2014 rolled in like any other year. I was excited about what the year had to bring ahead. Like any other year, I knew there plas plenty of opportunity to capture but only a matter of time to figure out how to go about leveraging it. At the time I was working work-from-home job that started in April 2013. Naturally, like any other job in the beginning it feels rewarding, rejuvenating, exciting. Of course, like any other new job. It doesn’t get old until you find out all the ins and outs of it. I wanted more than that. The job wasn’t satisfactory for me. That simple. Naturally, my employer at the time couldn’t quite grasp the simple concept of the fact that I was seeking detachment. So, using my networking skills and relationship building talent I ventured out seeking new opportunities. This gig simply wasn’t cutting for me.

Enter New Gig & New Opportunities

Since I was a kid I’ve always hustled. Unlike most people I ever met since moving to the U.S. My parents worked hard for everything they earned and if there was one thing they thought me it was to work hard and hustle for success. Exiting out of one role and sliding into a new one is never a seamless transition. Bad vibes, sour conversations, headaches, name calling, you name it. It’s never smooth. Nonetheless, I happened to meet a local businessman that runs a small agency nearby. Interestingly enough, the agency is 5 minutes from my house. Talk about proximity, right? Now, keep in mind that going from a work-from-home position to driving into an office wasn’t exactly an upgrade. Nonetheless, the commute didn’t really bother me. So, after a deep discussion with the new soon-to-be boss of mine, I realized that there may indeed be a genuine opportunity at hand. I have a neck for finding opportunities when they present themselves. So, come April of 2014 I found myself entering a new gig. Once again, familiar territory for me. Excited, enthused, thirsty, motivated, and energized to succed.

The Interim – Bumps in the Road

Now we’re roughly into the middle of the year. Things are going well with my new gig, I’m posting accomplishments, and helping the business grow. Just when I thought that things were progressing naturally a bump in the road arises. After nearly two years of trying to get pregnant with my wife, we found out that due to certain limitations, assistive reproductio would be our only possible chance at starting a family. Talk about a downer and shooting a guy down from his horse. It was an emotional disaster to say the very least. The smell of depression was literally around the corner. It was time to think outside of the box though. I had to find a way out of this dilemma. One that would cost me nearly $10,000. I’m referring to a Mini IVF (InVitro Vertilization) procedure costs. Shit! We were doomed. There goes our hope for a family.

“Almighty God, Hallowed be Thy Name…”

In a time of need and help, we turned to the Lord. We prayed…for hope, a solution, and option for us to earn a chance at family. So, right about August/September 2014 when we learned more about our situation and slapped with a giant price tag, mysteriously something totally unexpected occured. First, after sharing the news with my parents about the IVF situation we discovered that they would help us financially by covered half the bill. Mind you that’s approximately $5,000. Now, for the record I do come from a middle class family that worked hard for everything they have today. So, by no means raised by a wealthy family that has a giant cash reserve or savings to tap into at random. What a relief! There goes half the bill. Now, how to come up with the second half. Second, I get a call out of the blue from a former freelance client of mine. One that I provided education and consultation on Search Engine Optimization services approximately two and a half years ago. Long story short, in the short-term project that they offered to me I was able to patch the loose ends and come up with the rest of the cash for a mini IVF surgery. Phew, out of the woods on this one. Wife is happy and excited. Onwards we go with assistive reproduction surgery. Thank You God & Jesus Christ for watching over us and guiding us through this difficult time.

Enter Early Fall & New Challenges

We were able to successfully complete Round 1 of the IVF cycle. It was challenging, to say the very least. Experiencing the process a woman has to go through for assistive reproduction is entirely an eye opening experience. It taught me how to be more appreciative and caring of my wife though considering the hormonal and emotional turmoil she underwent. Gentlemen, for those of you that have a family, I’m sure you can match my shoes. So, just when we thought things were really taking off the doctor recommended another Mini IVF cycle. D’oh! All that was going through my head was dollars and cents. Something I was fresh out of at the time.

Remember that freelance client I talked about earlier? Yeah, that same one reached out back to me requesting additonal digital marketing services for a much larger project. One that would cover another round of a Mini IVF cycle (circa $10,000 out-of-pocket expense). Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that State of Missouri provides absolutely NO infertility support. Certain insurance companies will partially cover minor expenses but in reality only to the extent of a couple hundred dollars.


In all honesty, this past year is extremely difficult to summarize. So many bumps in the road. Plenty of headaches, emotional debacles, critical decisions, and anxious moments. The real kicker of this story though is that I wouldn’t trade a single thing about the entire experience.

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle! If you want something bad enough, you have to be willing to work for it. I did just that. Had to think outside of the box on several occassions. But, after all, isn’t that what a creative entrepreneur should act like? There’s a bright future ahead and I’m anxious to see what awaits in store for me in 2015.