How to create social videos on your iphone that sell

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10/19/2019 • 4 min read

I’ve been creating social media videos for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter for quite some time now. Those videos were primarily focused on my personal brand though.

Over time my videos gained traction, started to build new business relationships, generated thousands of dollars in revenue, and even had many people asking me how I do the actual videos.

Some people would even ask me, “Ivan, you made that entire video on your iPhone?” and I would respond by saying “Yes!”. Quite shocking, right? Well, not really. 

The video above is one that I created 100% on my iPhone XS Max. 

Knowledge isn't power!

What you know isn’t nearly as important as what you do with it. The tactical execution on things makes all the difference. In other words, you may know how to record videos on your phone but incapable of editing and producing them in a way that would captivate people’s attention.

Let's reverse engineer this.

The very first that you’ll want to start out with is to record your video. Being an iPhone, record the video in landscape mode aka sideways (not vertically) for the technically challenged. 

Don’t worry about doing one-takers. Chances are you probably won’t be able to do a one-take video but you never know either. If you’re a natural on camera than it’s going to be quite easy to bust out quick videos.

  • Identify the topic you want to discuss in your video.
  • Share some personal experiences to go along with your topic.
  • Focus on storytelling. This is really IMPORTANT!
  • Be transparent, vulnerable, and authentic. 

In terms of length, your videos should be between 1 minute and up to 3 minutes. Anything longer than that might be too long especially for the news feeds on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. I’ve played around with longer videos in the news feeds and noticed that they don’t get as good of retention as the ones that are 1-3 minutes long. 

Download a couple of apps.

You will need a couple of apps to help you with generating captions, editing, and mastering the video. Both of these apps are great to have in assisting you with the videos but 1 of them is really a necessity.

  • ($9.99/mo, excludes captioning service)
  • Premiere Rush ($9.99/mo)

The app offers templates with specific formatting for the different social media networks. In addition, it provides a captioning service that I would strongly suggest that you utilize.

Over 90% of video is viewed on mute with captions. Simply because people want to first know what the video is about before enabling audio.

Putting it all together.

Now it’s time to grab the video you shot and leverage the power of both of these apps to compile your video. 

First, open up Premiere Rush app and import the raw video that you show on your phone. You know, the one in landscape mode. Edit the video inside the app per your liking, add any special effects or transitions as you see fit.

Secondrender the video and export it to your phone. 

Third, open up the app and select the Generate Subtitles option. Import the video you just saved from Premiere Rush and import it. The app will generate captions for your video. You will most likely need to purchase a separate plan for subtitles/captions but I’ll tell you that it’s well worth it.

Last but not least, pick a template that you’d like to use (keep in mind that you can modify them) to incorporate your video. Include the subtitles/captions you created.

That’s it! Now you can quickly whip up social media videos on your phone, with captions, and professional 4K video quality. 

Learn how to create social media videos like a pro!

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