8 ways to blow up your social media feeds

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02/11/2020 • 10 min read

You can blow up your social media feeds where you are becoming more authoritative, influential, sparking awareness, and create more powerful relationships.

One of the main problems with social media and social media marketing is that there is too much fluff and crap on the Internet that is misleading a lot of people. social media works but only if it is done correctly. This is principally the same about anything that you do regarding business or life.

Personally I am not a huge fan of writing these kinds of articles. However, once in a while when specifically I have seen growth using specific strategies of my own I get the feeling that I should share with the rest of the world.

This is an act of such an attempt.

In this particular article, I wanted to talk about ways that you can blow up your social media feeds beyond your wildest imaginations. These are the same tactics that I have employed in order to establish influence, authority, create awareness, and generate over 6 figures in income in 2019 for my company Razor Sharp Digital.

One of the biggest takeaways that you should gather from this article is that you shouldn’t believe everything you read and hear about social media. Avast majority of the information on the Internet is intended to mislead a lot of people and also create false perceptions. This is how the gurus are capturing your attention and reeling you in.

01. Attention is Currency

When it comes to social media and business, in general, you need to be creating attention. Attention is essential because attention is a currency in the sense that it generates exposure, visibility, interest, and intent. 
There is a lot of people in the social media space that are creating all kinds of attention. They are craving the exposure and the fact that people are simply paying attention to them.
  • The people with the fake Lambos. 
  • The females baring it or most of it anyway. 
  • The overnight “Get Rich” schemes. 
It’s important to create attention, but the right type of attention. The attention should have context and substance that is either informational, educational, or entertaining. Let’s face it! Who doesn’t like a good laugh?
The way you create attention is by sharing content with contextual value on major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even TikTok. 

02. Stop Worrying About Vanity Metrics

One of the biggest problems on social media is that there are too many people who are worried about vanity metrics. I’m talking about the number of likes, the number of comments, the number of views that you are receiving on social media posts.
I am here to tell you that none of those vanity metrics have any merit whatsoever. They didn’t on me and yet I was able to generate thousands of dollars in revenue in 2019.
The people who are telling you that you need to worry about vanity metrics are significantly confused about the real purpose and meaning of social media. You can most definitely integrate vanity metrics as a quantifiable measure for your social media marketing efforts. However, they should not be the sole decision-maker behind the establishment of a valiant social media marketing approach.  

03. Always Context Over Content

The substance of information that you share on social media serves a larger impact than the volume or quantity. Social media is extremely saturated, noisy, even annoying at times. The thing that is going to separate you from the rest of the herd is the contextual value that you share.
What do I exactly mean by that?
It’s no secret that over 25% of information on the Internet is re-purposed. Re-purposed and a sense that it is a giant repository of different perspectives by different people who have different views.
Principally, there are fundamentals and rules about social media. Particularly in the way that each social media network is intended to be used. However, when it comes to social media marketing the Internet is flooded with perspectives.
How are you different from everyone else is in the way that you portray things.
For instance, when you are giving advice to others on how to do certain things in the same way that I am doing with this article, the information will be most appealing to those who see value in it. Not only that but in the way, the contextual value of information appeals to the individual scenarios that the person or company is facing.

04. Understand That Consistency Builds Trust

Consistency builds trust with other people. It creates a dependency where people will feel that they can rely on you because they know that they can depend on you.
Ok, that sounded like a lot of jargon. Let’s break that down. 
Consistency in relation to social media has to do with the frequency of content distribution not only content distribution but content that has contextual value in the eyes of others.
For instance, let’s take Instagram as an example. You need to be posting on Instagram at least three times per day. This is a derivative of your Instagram insights data where you can pinpoint engagement activity with your target audience.
When you post on Instagram Daily at least three times paired with a long period of time initiative, it will build that consistency factor. By being consistent in that regard you will be able to gain other people’s trust.
People do business with people they trust.
Your consistency and posting activity that includes contact sure value in a long-term endeavor will build that trust people are after.
That last statement may have very well given away an entire blueprint for social media marketing. I hope that you were taking notes!

05. Focus On Relationships and Community Development

They call it social media for a reason. Keyword: Social. A lot of people even to this day do not comprehend the meaning of social media.
“Social” Media! As in, socializing and getting to know people. This is the essence of what social media is about yet many companies still don’t quite understand this. 
One of the single most important things you have to understand about social media is that it’s all about building relationships and expanding your community. This is one of the things that I’ve heavily focused on since around 2007. Even though there are some days when I feel like I don’t quite have a handle on it, I remind myself of the fact that there have been many wins I’ve experienced on social media.
My best advice to you is as follows:
  • Meet new people. Get to know them.
  • Find out what people like and dislike. The same way your significant other. 
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. Those who have high goals and aspirations like you or want the same or similar thing as you.
  • Contribute and offer value to people’s lives on social media. In the same way, you would in real life. 

06. Don't Contradict Yourself!

This is a big one on social media. How many times have you seen someone talk about something so passionately only to find out in due time that they’re contradicting themselves?
There’s a lot of those people out there. The reason why they contradict themselves is that they’re not fully invested in the things that they’re simply craving attention. You have to have consistency in your messaging, in the contextual value of the things you share. People will notice such things and if you’re not consistent with your overall approach, it can be deteriorating for your image. 

07. Be Responsive and Attentive

If you haven’t figured out by now that we live in a real-time world, you’re living under a rock. People’s patience and attention span are shorter than ever. Yes, I said that! You have a very small window of opportunity to capture someone’s interest and your response time has a lot to do with it. 
For instance, how quickly you respond to a Messenger message may determine the beginning of a new relationship. One that can bring forth new opportunities for you and your business. The same goes for any other social media network like Instagram or LinkedIn. Those two, by the way, are at their prime and if you’re not leveraging them properly, you’re most definitely missing out on a huge chunk of potential. 
When I come to think of it, response and communication have played a huge role in the growth of my business. The growth of my personal brand for that matter. I know it can work the same for you!

08. Weed Out the Junk & Noise

There’s a lot of crap on the internet about the way social media works. There’s a lot of crap that people are feeding the internet that’s misleading a lot of others. I can tell you this with certainty that a vast majority of what you read online about social media simply isn’t true. The gurus and fakers will make you believe whatever they want you to.
Someone else’s perspective does not necessarily indicate truth. It’s perspective only and its validity is simply based on the actual facts.
There’s a simple rule of thumb that I’ve come to use as a guide. If something seems too good to be true, there’s a high probability that it is.
  • If someone is telling you that you will become an influencer on social media overnight then they’re probably lying to you. It takes time to do that.
  • If someone is telling you that you can get verified on Instagram in a day, they’re probably lying to you or doing something illegal to get there.
  • If someone is telling you that you can get a lot of likes and comments instantly, they’re probably lying to you.
  • If someone is promising you the world on social media, they are most DEFINITELY f*cking with you.
Use your common sense. Your gut. Your best judgment to weed out the junk and noise in social media. 

BONUS - Use Video On Every Major Platform

Video is KING but only if it has contextual value. That’s like anything else though.

Video has over 80% higher engagement than any other medium. An image is worth 1,000 words but a video is worth 1 million. Video also tells a story which is something that more people can relate to than an image or text.

How do you leverage video on social media? There are really two different types of video content that you can utilize.

Long-form and short-form video!

Long Videos
YouTube, Facebook Watch, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live. All of these are great for building up awareness, interest, and intent with people. There are a ton of benefits in using long-form video but for the most part it’s about storytelling. As human beings, we relate to each other through stories and video is a great way to share such messages with your audience.

Short Videos
This has come to be known as micro-content. Short videos are Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Twitter Feed Video. Basically any video content that is usually at least 1 minute in length or a couple of minutes at most.

One of the biggest areas of growth I’ve personally seen in my personal brand and my business has been with social video. Micro-content. This has helped me build up my influence, authority, awareness, interest, and a whole lot more.

I hope that these strategies and tactics I shared with you are valuable in your endeavors.

Find out how social media video can work for your business!

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